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Look after your body.


I am an experienced therapist specialising in biomechanics and postural movement therapy.

Gain control of your body and move and feel better.

Pain clinic:

Pain is your body's warning system asking for change. Make that change and book an appointment to see how I could help you. Whether it is a daily niggle, muscular injury or if you suffer from long term unresolved pain don't just put up with it, see what you can achieve with my Body Therapy treatments.


I've helped many people move away from pain feeling strong after years of suffering. I specialise in resolving the original cause of your pain and I'm always looking for a new challenge to help someone become pain free again.

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Sports treatments: 


Don't let pain or injury hold you back from achieving your goals. I specialise in biomechanics and can identify why you are experiencing these issues and therefore rehabilitate you out of pain using many different techniques tailored to your needs. 


I am very experienced in knee, shoulder and spinal rehabilitation and using neuromuscular rehabilitation to access your broken neural pathways to your muscles we can regain control of your body and promote permanent change and progression.

"Claire is an exceptional therapist. Post spinal surgery, I had treatment for persistent back pain with amazing results after one session & I truly believe if I had met her before, I would have been able to avoid surgery." Alex Smallman

Book your appointment today. Contact Claire on 07793 148 421 or complete our contact form.

Your first appointment:


60 minutes: Physical and postural analysis, biomechanics assessment and exploratory treatment.

Follow up treatments:

60 minutes £70

Benefits of Claire's body therapy treatments.


  • Your brain is the powerhouse to your entire being. By resolving your pain at a neurological level we can make permanent changes to your physiology and help you become pain free permanently. Our brain and nervous system are in charge of everything that we have ever or will ever experience, therefore by understanding how to manipulate the governing system of your body this then improves the ability to diagnose and treat you and accelerates your results.

  • Pain is your body's way of asking for change; I look for the route cause of your discomfort by treating the origins of tension disfunction. By treating the cause of pain and not the point of pain we will enable you to take control and rehabilitate your body away from pain permanently.

  • Boost your blood circulation and benefit from improved blood flow with fascial manipulation, allowing essential nutrient absorption in the targeted areas promoting faster recovery and toxin release. 

  • Trigger point therapy releases tension at the source allowing the entire muscle to relax and helps stop recurring aliments. 


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