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Claire will coach you every step of the way.

Personal Training


Train smarter with the 'Paragon technique' training system that strengthens your mind and your body.

The key to my client's success is targeted training and precise execution of exercises that are personally tailored to your body's needs and change your body on a neuromuscular level, to bring you results that exceed your expectations from just one session a week.

Whether you are looking to improve your strength and fitness, target specific movements for sports like running and cycling or improve your posture, my expertise in biomechanics and functional training will help you achieve your goals. 


I also specialises in pain relief and rehabilitation and will correct any imbalances in your body that are causing you pain and restore functional movement. 

Runners & Cyclists

Improve your biomechanics and achieve your peak performance, stay strong and injury free. By activating the correct muscles your body needs for your sport and strengthening your movement patterns you can dramatically increase your ability.

I can help you train for an event, improve your technique, increase your speed and stamina and release you from aches and pains that hold you back.

"My marathon training programme improved my time by an amazing 20 minutes and we didn't run once!" Justin May.


Heath & fitness

One to one personal training is the most effective way to transform your body and achieve your goals. There is no need to be nervous about your training, I will coach and support you every step of the way and motivate and inspire you to achieve results you never thought possible.

"I have achieved so much with Claire, all my sessions were challenging and targeted my problem areas, I surpassed my initial goals and achieved so much more." Sophia Bartleet

prenatal 4.jpg

Pre & Post natal training


Continue your fitness programme during pregnancy to keep you strong and maintain good posture as your body changes. Looking after you and bump.


Post natal training enables you to reconnect to the postural muscles that switch off during pregnancy, strengthen your core and pelvic floor and bring your body back into alignment.

"During my pregnancy, Claire was brilliant at adapting our training to keep me safe and stay in shape, keeping my posture, aches & pains in line leading up to my due date. Thank you for all your help & support & keeping your sense of humour with me!" Georgie May


Your nutrition programme will be designed to fit in with your goals and lifestyle so that it is simple to follow and food you will enjoy. My wellness plan is full of natural whole foods that are full of goodness and nourish your body and will make you feel vibrant and full of energy.

I have created lots of lovely recipes for you to try that are easy to make and yummy to eat.



Initial appointment:

Physical analysis and biomechanics assessment (60 minutes) £70


Training programmes:

60 minutes x 6 sessions £420

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