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Welcome to your CWBT Membership taster!


Your CWBT Membership gives you access to:


Exercise technique tutorial videos.


Helping you make the best of your body and your workout. Including strengthening and toning exercises for your core, upper body and lower body and 'release Me' movement therapy exercises to keep your body in line and release your aches and pains.

Workout video archive: A variety of workout routines for all abilities.

Workout focus areas:

  • Strengthen and tone

  • Isometrics (Static contractions)

  • Cardio

  • Plymetrics (Jumping)

  • Stretch and mobility

  • Posture

  • Release Me! rehabilitation

  • Muscle activation

Yummy recipes!


Enjoy healthy, nutritious snacks, meals and treats.

Ginger biscuits.jpg
Beetroot burger
chickpea crackers.jpg

Become a CWBT Member

Your CWBT Membership is £60 for 6 months, thats just £10 a month for unlimited use. For more information click the sign me up button. 

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