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I am back & I have a little helper!

Personal Training and Treatments with a difference.


Combined therapy and functional training to resolve your aches and pains and help you reach your peak performance.

Claire Waughman

Claire Waughman


I’m really passionate about health and fitness; it encompasses my whole life.

Since qualifying as a personal trainer 9 years ago, I've found my niche as a biomechanics and pain rehabilitation specialist. To be able to use my specialist skills to diagnose & treat my clients is exciting and rewarding and I'm incredibly lucky that my job is my passion.​

I offer my clients a more complete service by combining my skills as a Therapist and Personal Trainer. Using my knowledge and experience I have created my own training system called the 'Paragon Technique' achieving amazing results.

Personal Training

Train smarter not harder.


I am not your usual personal trainer asking you for 50 squats. Instead you will train with a deeper understanding by completing just a few personally tailored exercises with precise execution to activate very specific muscles.


Connect with your body on a neuromuscular level and exceed your expectations by improving your biomechanics.

Claire Shoulder close up.jpg


Are your aches and pains holding you back?


I suffered with back pain and digestive problems for years and discovered I could treat and train my body out of pain which has been amazing and I love that I can help other people be pain free too.


I've helped people with spinal injuries, nerve damage, knee re-constructions, strokes, brain surgery rehabilitation and much more to be able to move without pain, gain control of their body and live their lives more fully.

Exercise instruction videos

Learn how to perform exercises with correct technique to get the most from your workout and keep control of your body.

Take me to the exercise archive!

Here are the two videos featured in Boots magazine.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you and helping you feel better and move better.
Contact me for your free personal training phone consultation or to book your treatment in my tranquil clinic in Waldron and spend some quality time on you.
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